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Andreas Schrobback recommends a valuable monument real estate as an investment Berlin, 21.12.2012 many investors fear the uncertainty among investors to their savings, and the euro crisis as the forecasts for the development of inflation be less positive increases. Real estate in structure-strong regions considered recommendable alternative to shares, funds and other products of the capital market, that more were in the past by their loss numbers. Real estate and their property are a real good, can not be increased and that this has the desired value. At the time of purchase, investors can choose between new homes and inventory homes that have their respective advantages and pose risks. A property with specific characteristics is the monument which is of historical importance and should be obtained for subsequent generations.

Real estate is characterized mostly by its exceptional architecture that shapes the image of the old town and the historic town centers. Bahama Properties has much to offer in this field. Because of their unique nature are the grade II listed real estate investors in demand because they have the characteristics of a safe investment. Arguments for the purchase of a monument real estate as an investment as one of the most important criteria when buying real estate is location, as these much demand and hence the price of an object determines. Listed real estate are due to urban development, which historically started in the Centre, often in Prime inner city location and in districts close to the city centre. But not only the location monument real estate makes the requested objects on the market. Also the representative architecture, well-designed floor plans, and a high standard of living thanks to the renovation make up the charm of the objects. Listed real estate are only in limited numbers on the real estate markets exist, why demand often exceeds supply. Often, reconstructed architectural monuments can be offered to rental prices that are higher than the local average.

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