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Second Mortgage

If your past mistakes made suffered a foreclosure, or what is the same suffered a seizure of their property for not paying the mortgage will probably feel as if I had dropped the world over and will never be able to buy a house by mortgage from a bank. Getting a 2nd mortgage is a task that requires some work, but you can get. There are many current owners who have suffered a seizure of their house for not paying the mortgage. Learning from mistakes The first step to buying a home for the second time is to see what happened the first time. Ask yourself because it could not meet the mortgage payments. It was because of job loss or loss of revenue, or is there another underlying reason? Often the problem is another. The road to good credit is the formation of rational consumption habits and responsible use of their disposable income. Budgeting your lifestyle first, he must learn to live on your budget.

It is very easy to overdo if you have no guidelines as when we eat without seeing the calories you consume. The fee should not exceed the 35% – 40% of their net monthly income. This means that if your monthly income and your spouse are about 2,000, the mortgage payment should not be more than about 700 or 800 . You will need to take account of the budget for basic needs like food, utilities and other financial obligations. Ask yourself if you are ready to become a homeowner at this point in your financial life. If your income does not allow the mortgage payment, renting might be your best option right now. Working to improve your relationship with the banks work to improve your credit record is essential.

It may take a couple of years to recover from the stigma of the embargo. There are many ways to improve their relationship with banks. A good option is to open a couple of credit cards. Use consumiento 30% of available credit for them. It is a habit, instead of paying with cash pay with card without excederese of the 30% limit. This way you can show the bank that is a responsible consumer. It is also interesting to get some credit for no more than 6,000 and collect points and show that the bank has lent money to a responsible client. This must be careful and be really responsible. It is no use to borrow and be two years to pay it, no. The idea is not spending the money on credit, if not lose a certain amount for the interest but the entire loan back quickly. It is a good way to make friends with the banks. If we accomplish the above, a good level of income, the mortgage payment does not exceed 40%, we had credit cards and credit, and we have acted responsibly, we can go to the bank and ask the mortgage on our new home.

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