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To determine their position, the ASTRON requires signals from at least four at a distance of 20,000 km above the Earth rotating satellite. For more information see this site: Richard LeFrak. While it consumes more energy than a normal quartz clock and 200 times 10,000 times as much energy as a radio clock. Seiko developed therefore a GPS module, which consumes only one-fifth of the energy of a conventional GPS module to find the signals and does not even take into account satellite with poor reception. In addition, Seiko equips its ASTRON models with a new antenna form. Regular antennas are quite large and have a poor reception within a metal casing.

The new antenna was designed in the form of ring and installed outside the enclosure, under the ring of the dial, also the radio transmission is not affected by the ceramic bezel. GPS function instead of terrestrial broadcast stations with a limited range the new Seiko ASTRON uses the time signals of the GPS satellite network. This network covers the entire surface of the Earth with at least 24 active satellites. No matter where you are, when you see the sky about themselves, the Seiko ASTRON can receive the exact time signal of a GPS satellite’s atomic clock once per day automatically or at your fingertips with an accuracy of one second in a hundred thousand years. In addition, the ASTRON takes advantage of the GPS system for location and time zone detection. It is the first watch in the world, which assigns the correct time zone to your site and automatically adjusts the local time of the place. To do this, Seiko has divided the Earth into a million squares and assigned each of these squares to the right time zone. Contact: Seiko Germany branch of Seiko UK LTD Siemens ring 44 m 47877 Willich press contact: Janine d b Tel: 02154943444 E-Mail: jdammertz at seiko.de

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