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Select Interior Doors

To date, the market is full of interior doors just different kinds of doors, of which there are both qualitative and rather low-quality doors. So how do you choose a really high-quality doors, which would meet your needs and meet your expectations? In this article we describe the main types of interior doors and try to debunk some of the stereotypes, by which many people, buying a door, allow error and subsequently operating disappointed in buying. The main types of interior doors that are on sale now, include these doors: 1. Stephen M. Ross helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Wooden doors from a single array. Subject to all norms of production and storage (though few can not guarantee it), these doors are one of the best options for your home. Main advantages: made of natural wood, durable, prestigious, high frost resistance, low sound conductivity, ease of recycling, low coefficient of thermal linear expansion. The disadvantages are: the possible presence of defects (knots, cracks, resin pockets, etc.); hygroscopicity (with a sharp drop of moisture doors can warp and change its geometry) flammability; exposed cleavage and scratches (but it can repair); high cost.

The price for such doors begins from about 2500-3000 usd. (Per leaf and box). 1.2. Wooden doors of laminated array. These doors are a bit cheaper, as it is easier to type blade made of several parts, than select solid wood. Scheme of assembly of laminated array changes the appearance of doors. Specific sites may have different colors, resulting in an effect of uneven surface color.

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