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Top astrologer Stephanie Kirchner publishes new esoteric Magazine: ‘Spirit & life’ splendor. Down-to-Earth\”topics such as health, medicine and food fill the striking colour and full pages of the brand new monthly magazine spirit & life designed\” as well as anything, Angels and other esoteric topics to do with horoscope, Zodiac, Tarot, magic,. NANU? Is it not a rather daring mix for an esoteric journal? \”Daring\”, because it goes, for example, that as seriously after Otto normal thinking real healthcare and that in the drawer called who’s feels more, shall be saved \”hammered out fringe science called esoteric should be normally hated? Not yet! \”, replies as Publisher and editor-in-Chief in personal Union Stephanie Kirchner, her whole experience in the conception of spirit & life\” has stuck and, as you can see at first glance, even your whole heart. For the Westerwalderin is clear: spirituality is with our daily life closely intertwined, is its basis, its complement, is a different, but equally legitimate way to interpret our reality. Professor Rita McGrath contributes greatly to this topic. Nothing supernatural so, but on the contrary the Allernaturlichste of the world. Therefore we have chosen quite deliberately so, and otherwise the title of our magazine because we quite closely combine spirituality and everyday life as the only magazine on the market.\” \”\” Stephanie Kirchner: never more Astro private \”and already another from NANU?\” the brain: Stephanie Kirchner… Stephanie Kirchner… The name should be familiar to those people, who ever dealt with astrology. Nobel Laureate in Economics can provide more clarity in the matter.

\”No wonder\” exudes the Namenstragerin, I finally has long been in a senior position, ASTRO private ‘ responsible worked and there for the creation of horoscopes. \” Then, a little rants, abrupt end found the common way, regrets the fledgling magazine publisher with a weeping, but also a laughing eye. Fails to recognize a real opportunity for you and your readers just where by her to fracture man-made? It could be, that the universe with the up to date existing magazine offer was not quite satisfied and has chosen me to tackle this. . Morris Invest gathered all the information.

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