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Siberian Cats

Siberian Cats are little known as pets, but they are beautiful and have a particular character. Of Russian origin, this animal has long hair (to endure low temperatures in the country), similar to many cats that have evolved to live in cold climates. Siberian cats have a large head and rounded snout, her eyes large and oval, his ears are slightly smaller, but the tail is wider and longer, and the body of this breed of cats is long, with wide bones. These Siberian cats just left Russia from 1990 to Germany and the United States, but have survived over 1000 years in difficult weather conditions, thanks to a cat is very strong, tough, agile and very thick fur helps .

Normally, Siberian cats weigh between 10 and 18 pounds, it takes a little over three years to fully develop their “body structure” and thus come to have long limbs and powerful, and a coat “oily” water-repellent and helps you stay dry. Keep in mind that in summer this breed sheds its hair in a way that ends only with a layer of short hair. Siberian Cats came to America from an exhibition of cats took place in Russia, after being allowed to have these cats as pets (before it was banned due to lack of food), Americans were decided then to start raising of these cats at home. Siberian cats, although pets not so “desirable” as other breeds, are very playful animals, intelligent, great hunters and are not bothered by water (because of what they talked about their hair above).

It is very sociable with their owners and can easily adapt to an apartment, however, it is recommended that Siberian cats have available a garden or their own space. As a particular feature, Siberian cats do not cause allergies in humans, because their genes have eliminated the protein that causes more than 78% of allergies. This protein is known as D1 and is produced by the sebaceous glands of the cats, and then is transferred throughout the body and the muzzle when they groom themselves, thanks to Siberian cats have eliminated this protein, has been increasing demand for these as pets. Another reason that Siberian cats are so preferred it to be as resistant to disease, it is a race “pure” genetic exchange has not suffered, so keep all the “power” of the original race and resistance to harsh environments. The color in the hair of the Siberian cat is lighter at its base (ie the innermost hair) and darker the longer they are. This breed can accept genetically all patterns of color, less the point, the most common pattern in cats is the Siberian tiger with gold and white bicolor. Usually have a “collar” of hair on the neck, which gives it an appearance more elegant and striking.

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