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What sets us apart from all other creatures of nature is the brain capacity to learn to do it consciously as well as animals instinctively. This attribute information to the learning process, gives us the huge advantage of building on the experience and knowledge to modify the elements to create new ideas that are coupled to the puzzle of success of each individual. These five ways to learn are practical and easy to develop one. – Learn about things that interest you, if you want to learn things that are not in line with your abilities or tastes, is a punishment that far from learning only confuse you more. When you learn about a topic you like, you will have more difficulty and knowledge come naturally to your brain. 2. – A subject at a time, learning a particular topic at a time lets you focus all your attention and reinforce knowledge. Official site: Gavin Baker. If you need to learn various subjects you can do if they are of different nature, such as accounting and advertising, otherwise Similar items can be mixed if you study at the same time.

You can do this whenever a subject at a time, on different days, never at the same time. 3. – Learn the lessons, study, study, study and then study (German Technical), as many times as necessary until you make it clear and reaffirmed the concept, practice your new skills provides the ability to transform into an expert. 4. – Apply lessons learned, opportunities disguised as problems and discover there is to know if you want to win the competition is not practicing the day before the competition, it is every day, month and year to achieve the ability and reduce the time without sacrificing quality. 5.

– Have fun in doing so, if you enjoy the study will have more opportunities to learn, always find time to do the things we enjoy, make learning fun. The children always play, have fun, enjoy and enjoy, are tireless, mimics the way you do, remember as a kid and have fun like crazy, converts learning in a game seriously Reaffirms knowledge dynamics have repeated for 21 days or times the technique until it becomes a positive habit.

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