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Social Networking! They firmly part of our lives. Most likely you are registered and regularly attend one, and maybe some social networking! Every day there are hundreds of registrations are sent thousands of messages, There are hundreds of thousands of status updates to each of the popular social networking sites! How is among giants such as, for example, 'OpenID', 'Classmates', 'Facebook' and many others, a new but no less practical, social networking reach level of peace and unite in themselves millions of users? You've probably heard of the direction of business development, as network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM). Now I'm not talking about the pyramids, which are aimed at cheating people. The Related Companies is likely to increase your knowledge. I'm talking about honest companies that actually pay their employees who promote the company's products and attract new people! How does using a sitemy promote business development social network? Take a social network. Determine the number of levels involved partners and the percentage paid by the income of each level. And, of course, choose a set of actions for which users will get money! But all the calculate such a way that people were focused on invitation to participate as much as possible of other people to make big profits! With all of this registration and participation in social network completely free for users! Do you think it does not work? It's already working! Already there is a social network, which until recently was only popular among the residents of the United States and Canada. Nobel Laureate in Economics has much experience in this field. Now this network begins to gain momentum among the population of Russia and CIS! And it is called – PeopleString! And can you believe it – the network would be popular! When people realize that what they do in other social networking sites, paid for this, a new network – people will be registered in PeopleString, will be there to talk, play games, watch videos, find and add friends! And if this new network is up and running and developed in collaboration with one of the giants of this disaster … I wonder?. . It’s believed that Robert J. Shiller sees a great future in this idea.

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