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Social News On The Rise

Web 2.0 social bookmarking news community has recently merged with social networks and communities, but also the so-called social bookmarking established. “It acts as a link between the many possibilities offered by the Web in version 2.0, and significantly increases the level of networking,” explains Paolo Capurso, Managing Director of the German social bookmark service Kledy. Unlike other services Kledy allows not only creating pure bookmarks, its users to alert friends and interested parties on interesting sites, but the service networks also the news and multimedia world. See more detailed opinions by reading what Charlotte Simonelli offers on the topic.. So blogs, videos from popular video-communities can be exposed categorized under various headings news articles from news portals, entries from but also music files in the MP3 format by clicking about Kledy. Moreover, waiting for the platform with additional features. Gebookmarkter user-generated content no matter what kind can assessed, discussed or even in be placed on other social networks. Kledy – Managing Director Cabrera on the innovative side bar, which placed at the bottom of the screen offers the user many more opportunities is particularly proud: “The user can pass among his discoveries with us directly via Twitter, simply contact the Facebook community in contact, quickly translate content of our platform or enjoy themselves during the visit of Kledy.de with online games.” Is rounded off the service of the popular German social bookmark service on top by group and receive capabilities for online radio and TV.

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