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Some Africans

Take that his brother is in school and their parents at work, take euros in 1500, and ran away from home to Bucharest. His intention is to travel to Madrid, where he believes awaits a new life. On the way to the airport has repented of what he has done, to escape from his house, steal their money to their parents, fled to an unknown fate, but it can more the urge to start this adventure that the fears and uncertainties. Arrives in Madrid, with the illusion intact, wandering the streets. The first obstacle encountered is the language, and you are alone and do not know anyone help you take the first steps of freedom. ” The money is running out, sleeping in cheap boarding houses survive, and eating whatever they can.

Try to find a solution to their precarious economic situation. Looking for work on construction sites, garages, shops, but has no papers. The reality of their situation is present in him, and walks the streets aimlessly, where fear and anguish filled his heart. Some Africans to help us for a few days is in a shelter, at least sleep indoors. One day he meets a Romanian who promises to help cure the problem is that he lives in Valencia, and has to move there, but goes on the road hitchhiking, arrives in the city of Turia and searches to which he believed would help him. The “father” gives you long, and promises remain just that. Again only in an unfamiliar city, with the four words he has learned, still looking for work, going to markets and reaches into the containers, eating what he finds.

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