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Speedometer Calibration

The term speedometer adjustment takes place in two areas to various uses: If a car, converted from different vehicle registration, tires, this can lead to variations in the speed display. The smaller size of the tire gets, the more turns must be on the same road to travel on the road. The speed runs ahead also. In a larger circumference of the speedometer is then also. According to the legislature to investigate the speedometer and not proceed only up to 10 percent. When driven by shafts tachometer, there is the possibility of an intermediate set with special translation in the shaft drive one, so that at the end of the shaft, again consistent with the way this line number of the tachometer. There is also the possibility of changing the stiffness of the spring built by exchange, for speedometers do something today.

Cars today need to move their needles on linear motors, the signals to control must be changed, this will run directly through a Software intervention from the so-called car adjustment. The term speedometer calibration is also used in other speedometer manipulation. Here, the mileage of the speedometer in the display is changed. 1979 the Federal Court decided that the manipulation of the speedometer does not have any legal counterfeiting of technical data. So this service is not illegal, but is often used to hide the true mileage. The fraud begins only when the rigged car or resold to the owner, returned as a leasing company and the dealer is not informed about the speedometer setting.

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