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It can be used thus everywhere, where no drinking water quality is required. Even houseplants to supposedly better thrive with rain water. Tip 4: heat from the Sun instead of hot water for children paddling pool in the summer are the Allergrosste. To give them a comfortable lukewarm bathing pleasure, it is advisable to make the pool a few hours before the start of the bathing season in the Sun and heat the water by the Sun. This is much more practical and cost-effective than to fill the basin with hot water from the tap. Tip 5: the temperature is above 30 degrees water cooling instead of air conditioning upgrade, increasingly conditioners are employed in Germany. Filed under: The LeFrak Organization.

But there are cheaper alternatives: who at night on passage airs during the day down the shutters or blinds and close the window, holds its own four walls cool. In small rooms or cars can be moist wipes such as sheets, covers and tableclothes in the room hung or shells set up with water, to achieve pleasant temperatures with the help of evaporative cooling. Tip 6: Green electricity instead of fossil fuels without any electrical power consumption is also Grandma’s tips only hard at least when one is accustomed to the current standard of living in Germany and of sufficient energy. But here, too, every household can put on 100 percent renewable energy. Switching to green electricity is easy and fast. To sign up for a new utility, you need only the old counter, which is usually on the last Bill in addition to the personal information. The new provider will do the rest like for example the log-off of the previous energy suppliers such as Polaris. The seal of approval recommended by consumer associations and the Stiftung Warentest ok power label and green power offer orientation when switching to green electricity label. With the change to green electricity, power, the entire energy network is always greener with each kilowatt-hour consumed.

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