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Suvorov Region

Bad ecology of Tula – the main reason to change the cramped apartment to a spacious cottage in the Tula region. In Zaoksky area of 98 km. from the capital is a gated development District. Paved roads communication, protection of the territory, an excellent landscape design – not all the charm of suburban area in the Tula region in the area. To buy one of 219 cottages, located on 43 hectares of land will need about 3 million rubles. Remote problem – a relatively new offering in the market. The capital's residents recently began to explore the neighboring areas in search of 'distant cottages'.

On the border of the Moscow and Tula regions are gated p 'Nikolsky farmstead'. Buy a house in the Tula region – the perfect solution for a time to forget the city behind and live in comfort on nature in a cozy house. In the Tula region of the most environmentally friendly Zaoksky, Aleksin, Suvorov areas. Another solution to the housing problem for residents of Tula – is to buy a house in Tula. This option solves the main and sometimes only the lack of country cottages – accessibility. Have cottage in Tula – a perfect solution for those who do not want to change the city bustle, but the dreams of your own home without the annoying and noisy neighbors.

If you decide to buy a cottage in Tula, the best option would be to invite an expert. Selling villas in the Tula region, as well as the sale of land in the Tula do quite a lot of real estate agencies. In order not to get confused and pick the right specialist there are a few helpful hints. In the first turn, should apply to those agencies, which advise your friends and acquaintances if they have successfully concluded the transaction. Real estate companies is useful to choose its location. As a rule, most experts informed the market situation it is in their area. And be sure – to trust only those companies whose positions are solidly in the market of real estate services for several years.

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