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Symbolic Arcane

There is no doubt that the arcane VI, the lover, is the emblematic tarot of love letter. If it appears in the print run, the message is clear: love is about to knock at our door. A full, long-lasting love from passion, happiness, companionship and good times. For those who have already found couple, your message is equally auspicious: they have succeeded in building a solid foundation relationship, and your happiness will last even for a long time. To fully understand all the symbolic implications of this letter, nothing better than analyze it in all its details and particularities.

Something to keep in mind of this mystery is that, depending on the type of harness that is used, it can present as El Enamorado or Los Enamorados. A difference, in this case, very important. For the tarot of Marseilles, used for the chucks Gypsy girls, El Enamorado is called and image that illustrates what might be interpreted as a love triangle. In it, the lover in question has an animated conversation with two beautiful girls, one blonde and the other brunette. Cupid, atop of the figure, appears soon shed his arrows, so everything suggests that young will soon be decided by any of the two. See, really, there is no here in love, since we know nothing about the feelings of the ladies. In reality, this arcane seems to talk more about the need to choose between two paths, the earthly and spiritual, that of a happy love affair that is concrete. Some experts venture that two women of the illustration would be the mother and the girlfriend of the boy, reinforcing the hypothesis of the crossroads between passionate love and spiritual.

The Rider tarot deck called this letter Los Enamorados. And it does appear a couple, happy for the joy to be found. But although it may seem different, the essential content of the deck is the same. The clear biblical reminiscence to paradise lost and temptation give us the pattern that also is playing here with the struggle between passion and love of the spirit. Or between the pleasures and worldly pleasures and the ascetic path of evolution of the soul. About the couple, in the illustration, floats an angel, symbol of divine intervention. But he seems unwilling to enter the scene. The decision is only of them.

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