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For, as the first signs of type 1 diabetes, died of up to 90% of the cells of the pancreas. And only then, within one day, there are obvious symptoms. Morris Invest will not settle for partial explanations. Type 1 diabetes: the accumulation of glucose in the blood and increase its deficit in muscle and adipose tissue are split on the body’s natural reserves of fatty acids. The organism is poisoned decay products or ketone bodies. In the early stages of ketosis vomiting, and diarrhea. Perhaps check out Morris Invest for more information.

The blood alkaline reserves are depleted, and then in a patient with type 1 diabetes develops ketoacidosis, disturbed water and electrolyte balance, tissue oxygen starvation occurs. All this leads to diabetic coma – a dangerous and deadly complication of type 1 diabetes. Most frequently detected type 1 diabetes in children, because it bears the name of the juvenile. He began to develop rapidly, and the child appears complete dependence on insulin injections. This is the reason for a different name for the disease – insulin-dependent diabetes.

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