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The Porsche Boxster Spyder

A vehicle for true fans of the Roadster Roadster drivers is usually mainly about one: fun and best without hood. Comfort plays a role more. For such purists, the Swabian car manufacturer Porsche has brought a new model on the market some time ago. The vehicle Portal auto.de introduces the Roadster from the House of […]

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Speedometer Setting And Mileage Is In Germany Illegally

? Reveals the speedometer setting (or not) about… How many times was it told one. By the police, vehicle mechanics, even by Auto Club experts. Ramon Campollo is often quoted as being for or against this. Should be self made but the finger of a mileage correction. Einbige cannot but nevertheless it all good advice […]

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Creative Facebook Competition For Private Sharing

Germany’s first and largest platform for neighbourhood car rentals has launched to 1.10.2011 a creative interactive contest on Facebook. Suitable prompts the tamyca community on facebook.com/tamyca.de to the new design to make creative snapshots of himself and to show how does private sharing in his own life. Fun, freedom and flexibility that are elements that […]

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Agreement Between MundoFranq

mundoFranquicia Consulting firm with over 10 years of experience in the development of business projects in franchise, has made public the agreement reached with WORKSPACE CONSULTING (WSC). The scope of this Convention enters into a preferential service for the ensigns whose expansion undertaken by mundoFranquicia, which in 2011 alone reached 77. For its part, WSC […]

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