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Englishman Diderot Bartlett

No wheels no car and who is currently the wheel without tires? Who among us has wondered where it came from a modern automobile tire? The world's first automobile tire made and patented by Robert William Thomson, back in 1846. In Pat was presented the design of the invention, as well as the present description […]

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Crank Mechanism Repair

Maintenance work and are significant engines of 2022% of the total complexity of the current repairs to the vehicle. The complexity of repair of modern engines is that, at relatively low stiffness details they require high precision assembly and adherence to technical specifications for the assembly. For example, a slight increase in the pressing sleeves […]

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Autopfand If a high amount of money is suddenly needed, is a pawn shop, the first port of call. Often there will be borrowed jewelry and fashionable clothes. The fact that a car can be borrowed, but should rather be unknown. Logically, can be achieved with a car a higher total than with other items. […]

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