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Transmission Control Protocol

If you are unsure of your connection you should ask about this from your isp (Internet Service Provider = Provider for Internet access), client port – eMule uses 4662 as default port for downloading data from another client. His change is only required if this port is blocked, that is not The forward your router […]

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Windows Applications

To determine the vast majority of memory errors, the following procedure: 1. Include all the likely problem applications. I often memorize all the applications running at the time of failure of memory. It is also important to note all the active devices. Of course, some devices are always operating, so they should not be taken […]

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Sensible Speed Of Windows 7

The results of measurements in the figures do not allow to understand the true state of affairs. The speed of the new operating system, Windows 7 seems higher subjective – as personalnh computers with two-and chetyreh-core processors, and on netbooks. Even the last with the operating system, Windows 7 behind the test on the performance […]

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