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Love Narcissistic

In his latest book Walter Riso, talks about different emotional styles that lead to have disturbing experiences, in some relationships with your partner. One of these affective forms, as he calls them, refer to the patterns of interaction are set, when one of the members of the couple, it has markedly narcissistic traits. People with […]

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Weight Loss Tips

I want to address an issue on which I have received many questions and in the end could be summed up in one: why when I keep doing a diet, regained more weight you had lost? I have seen many people who are looking for a miraculous diet or any effective product that really works […]

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Doctors Physicians

Doctors, like physicians that occurs with other professionals (lawyers or the professionals of banking for example) which, by reason of the activities carried out, acquire a direct contact with data and sensitive matters in relation to life and privacy of others (their clients); they are bound by a duty of secrecy in relation to these […]

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