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Florida Real Estate

A Ranking Of The Head Of Municipalities

The analysis of the results of the municipalities selected in the fourth quarter of 2008 to distinguish between the more affluent districts to those of the center and south of the country, especially the Patagonia, Cuyo and the Province of Buenos Aires. Learn more at: Dell. This situation is similar at all of the findings […]

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North American

… As we saw, the question of the time is primordial here: if this ' ' be opposed ' ' it failed is because the time of return to the normal balance was much more long that the foreseen one. All speculation, failed or well-succeeded, is always a question of timing! … Learn more at […]

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Housing Crisis

Avanza, with six months in advance, the general behavior of the economy: labor Tenders cement consumption Registrations occupation Confidence in the industrial sector of large enterprises Billing Retail Etc. carries a profile decreasing from the end of 2006. GHOSTS The housing crisis in the construction sector Knowing how are the banks, because they just clarified. […]

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Occult Enemy

Innumerable times in we see them falling in the same ambush of the easy credit: ' ' It buys now and it only pays with its 13' ' ; ' ' It buys with tax of interests zero' ' ; ' ' It buys, it buys, compre' '. we leave for there buying without any […]

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Beatriz Corredor

The national real estate market is going through very bad times. We know everyone so it is not worth to emphasize this, but not why (on the contrary) should not seek solutions. And these are: If the nationals don’t buy flats sub-Windows abroad, just as (for example) Germans who come to spend the summer at […]

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