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Rogert Prentice Ramon

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master FOLLOWING THE TEACHINGS OF RAMON GALLEGOS. By Agustin Dorantes Lucena, Acapulco 2007 In his holistic Dialogues (2001). Ramon Gallegos Nava done several interviews with several educators in the world with the intention of rescuing them everything related to holistic education “vision”, there are interesting discussions to my […]

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Lowy Hands

The work It is the basic and basic condition of all the life human being. in such degree that, until certain point, we can affirm that the work created the proper man. In face of each new progress the work, went extending horizontes of the man, taking to constantly discover it to it in new […]

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If to take in consideration the research of Luiz Antonio Marcuschi, whose workmanship has as central thesis that ‘ ‘ it is impossible to verbally communicate itself not to be for some gnero’ ‘ , and that of certain it forms the sorts if they communicate between itself, we will arrive at conclusion of that, […]

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