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Business Liquidity

In the amazing world of business, when you just start, it is necessary to have a significant amount of money in cash to ensure the normal functioning of the company. This is essential to have liquidity. The liquidity concept embodies the ability to convert your assets (permanent and necessary goods for running your company) in […]

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Second Mortgage

If your past mistakes made suffered a foreclosure, or what is the same suffered a seizure of their property for not paying the mortgage will probably feel as if I had dropped the world over and will never be able to buy a house by mortgage from a bank. Getting a 2nd mortgage is a […]

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Security Credit

That is with a client take money for a solution question in advance, and then the problem is not solved, and refusing to give money. Hence, the first golden rule: money is paid only after the bank's credit committee, and if there is no trust at all, after receiving car. Another minus – if the […]

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