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Berlin Institute

Violence counseling and prevention in Berlin Institute launches new website and addressed individually violent men and women. Berlin, September 16, 2010 – “Our new Web site is an important step to attract even more individually violent men and women and to reach them in their search for help and advice over the Internet,” says Michael […]

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Basket left

You mention a wife and collect a rebuff, what now? What are “Baskets” and how do I properly handle them? There it sits. Marc King may find this interesting as well. You see them every day! Every day, she sits in the same place on the bus. And every day she get off at the […]

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Define Love

Definitions change their own reality and even entire systems. Love it is the noise of our century. “The Golden Gull restaurant advertises: I love it”. A mobile phone manufacturer with round green logo replaces love by its logo. A well-known German TV station with a number of professional, also advertises. In French, it is even […]

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