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Rocking Graffiti For The New Adam Rocks By Opel

“Idea spot for the Geneva Motor Show 2013 straight has Opel on the Geneva Motor Show 2013 the urban mini crossover” presented Adam Rocks. The concept: Freedom in its most personal form. It was the basic idea for the idea spot graffiti art to connect the individual and urban character of the new Adam. The […]

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Mediterranean Sea

When the ancient Romans passed through Creixell, they left their mark on churches and buildings, we was building the village on a small hill from where epaulet to the good style of a viewpoint, the coast and Mediterranean Sea. Living in Creixell is remembering the past through its streets and buildings, live a present ensonador […]

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Mexico Estate

The current housing market seems a lot to market cars that today seems more a bad dream than a real situation that lived many of the people we meet every day on the street. In many places I have read that the drop of the real estate in bag will not affect real estate, but […]

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Oil Absorption

When the particle size 0.2 microns amount of scattered light for all wavelengths maximum. With increasing particle size from 0.25 to 0.3 microns scattering of blue light rapidly decreases. But the dispersal of green and red does not change. However, with a diameter of 0.15 micron particles observed maximum scattering of blue, while a scattering […]

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