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Happy Right Now

"If you want to make your life smile you give her her first good mood." Benedict Spinoza, "I am so unhappy today. But I really want to be happy. Well, let's say tomorrow. In an extreme case – Monday " – Or something like this so we think. Do not flatter yourself, dear stranger! Tomorrow […]

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Historical Center

For several days, but specifically on the afternoon of August 16, 2006, the Historical Center of the City, at its heart, that is in the 7th block from Gamarra Jr. broke a competition infernal noise, several businesses , put your speakers in the doors and began to voice, by offering their products, everyone screamed louder […]

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Korglikon Respiration

Doses for children – 0.6-1.2 ml 2% solution. This drug is shown in the cases of seizures and the swallowing of respiratory muscles, threatening asphyxia. Duration action diplatsina – 40-60 min. Treatment of tetanus these drugs continues to treat acute events. When injected intravenously diplatsina, especially with the rapid introduction of his, there may be […]

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