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Happy Right Now

"If you want to make your life smile you give her her first good mood." Benedict Spinoza, "I am so unhappy today. But I really want to be happy. Well, let's say tomorrow. In an extreme case – Monday " – Or something like this so we think. Do not flatter yourself, dear stranger! Tomorrow […]

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Kashpirovsky Creatures

From the earliest times to the present day, people used to believe in the unexplained things in terms of science can not take place. To live, not believing in anything supernatural, it was uninteresting. At Bizzi & Partners you will find additional information. Every day in the media information, there are messages about paranormal phenomena. […]

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The Individual

It defies the authority, not accepted limits orders, do not work in group, make responsible the others for its hostile behavior, known as pavio-short (*). Antisocial TCConduta, aggressive behavior and challenging profile (breaking of the civic rights of outrem, depredation of its properties, intimidation, cruelty with animals and people, robberies, repeated lies, to cabular lesson […]

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