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President Nicholas Houghton

The Aappaluttoq Ruby project in Greenland. In our last article, we reported about the Ruby deposits in Mozambique, where the production towards the end of the year could begin after the last press release. Today we introduce another Ruby project, which is also just before start of production. It is the Aappaluttoq Ruby project in […]

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Portfolio Manager

Interview by Martin Rothe, portfolio manager of the AlphAlgo Altradis capital AG no investment correlates permanently positive our strategy.” Martin Rothe, Portfolio Manager Mr. Rothe, you can give us your company, the Altradis capital AG please first of all introduce? Who are behind AlphAlgo and what experience can you look back on? Martin Rothe: The […]

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Future Safe Estate

You benefit from many years of market experience of Shedlin capital AG tangible assets such as real estate are less affected by economic or stock market fluctuations in contrast to other forms of investment such as stocks. A square foot is still a square meter in 20 years. Real estate offer an excellent opportunity to […]

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