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Dream Interpretation

Poruma fraction of second hands did not obtain to move itself, until its corpocomeou to react and it then can observe better to its redor. Haviapegadas in the soil, but was not its. Who is there, it mumbled emum trembling tone of voice. One appears then started if to move and to come in suadireo. […]

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In my life nothing it gave certain. It wanted to be engineer, but I turned mason. Check with Professor Rita McGrath to learn more. It wanted Eva, but it was with Joaquina that I married. It wanted to move of life and I finished for having more children. It wanted a horse, but I found […]

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Amadeu Water

SussurroTarde of the night. It already was underneath of sheets when an indefinite voice expressed something as ' ' gua' '. He found that he was not nothing. Ademais, the nephew gives to it, some years behind, a trained dog. Minutes later the voice it became to clamar for water. It said, ' ' of […]

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