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Energy Without Contact

Rhetoric and reality of contactless energy transfer by abandoning cable for the transmission of electrical energy, can be installed in systems with higher reliability and durability. This aspect is particularly for the energy transmission to moving units of great importance. The Elimination of trailing cables or busbars increases not only the security of the systems, […]

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Power Plant Blocks

Powerful transformers in a well-developed supply help to ensure revision if many blocks of power be rebuilt or are power related to the transformers must be checked and need effective protection against undue stress by E.g. faults, short circuits or other faults. A secure power supply requires a well-developed network with high-performance transformers. Planners, installers […]

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Construction Projects

HKTDC Hong Kong International building and decoration materials & hardware fair is Hong Kong, sees everywhere new building and the bamboo scaffolding surrounding them in the Sky Tower. The building measures include not only many private projects, but also numerous infrastructure measures, including ten major projects of the Government such as the Guangzhou-Shenzhen – Hong […]

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