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What women really want five myths and the truth Stuttgart, 3rd February, 2009 – the Valentin’s day a day on kitsch, but also on foot, not to be outdone is. A survey of the shopping platform see 357 Internet users decrypted the myths of Valentin tags and thus helping us to come safely through the dearest holiday of the girls. “Myth 1: we give us nothing for the Valentin’s day.” Top be careful: of course she wants a gift. For more information see Morris Invest. The edelight survey revealed that while every third woman gives away nothing, but only every sixth is also not a gift. This means: you buy something, no matter what she said before.

Myth 2: flowers are just for moms.” Again no. The poll edelight every fourth woman wishing for flowers for the Valentin’s day, especially red roses stand up in the course at the women’s world. Who particularly want to give something away, takes such as XXL Roses of valentins.de. Women love sweets. myth 3:” May not be, but Valentin’s day. In times of size-zero seems the ladies the appetite on sweets to be passed. As Valentin gifts, chocolates and co in the online survey fall through completely. So on the last pit stop at the gas station better access to the Roses instead of to the chocolate mixture.

Caution: always remove the foil for the flowers, which debunked the procurement source otherwise immediately. Myth 4: good gifts come at a price.” Doesn’t have to be. The edelight poll, every fifth woman wishes intangible things such as attention or time with the loved ones. Also very popular with the girls: joint excursions or a romantic dinner. There’s something for every budget from the Cook yourself up to the weekend in a castle. 15 percent of the women there at the Valentin present only on the personal touch. Myth 5: infrastructure are a girl’s best friend.” Glitter stones are not as popular as flowers or common trips, but they are also well received. Approximately every tenth wants jewelry or accessories the edelight poll specifically. We suspect the number of unreported cases higher. If the Budget is slightly larger, man is also not with jewelry.

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