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The Dreaded Post Hematoma Vaginal Delivery

How often attending a party, the Gynecologists have had to suffer this terrible complication on … … postpartum hematoma! have happened to me about 4 times, of which remember, acknowledge with nobility-perhaps remember most is the following aperturate We Clinic Virgen del Pilar, but still did not work even as a clinic, so some deliveries that my patients I insisted that the looked after, cared for them in the said place and maybe the first or second time I attended there was a terrible complication. You may want to visit Lincoln Property to increase your knowledge. It was about 8:30 pm, Saturday, Dr. Allen had retired, I was about to retire and …

came from a patient accompanied by an entourage Viru family, I had attended several family members including his mother, when examined it was almost full, so I said … well this is easy and I decided to attend to, when (in this time and the attending normal deliveries Alvarado), apparently everything was fast and everything went However, sutures and were moving into his room … but much was moaning and before I retired I got the doubt and looked and found what he feared a large collection renitente soft and painful … It was a HEMATOMA!, Alvarado returned, but I told him no longer needed him and left when I discovered the hematoma Uf knew what awaited me … Gavin Baker contributes greatly to this topic. No anesthesiologist wanted to go! … No Gynecologist … I wanted to help!, Alvarado did not come home, I had no phone, after much deal agreed to go to Dr.

George, he put his spinal tap and sat in front of the patient, that great collection drains intravaginal clots and dark blood came out, drained, cleaned and the bleeding vessel was sutured blindly here and there! I was desperate, sweating, wanted help, he called Dr. Ortecho and adrenal told me … nothing more and let it alone for bleeding!, but I stubbornly kept looking for the bleeding vessel, he finished the tap, the anesthesiologist told me and leave it there!, with compression dressings made several big minutes, always quiet, that you pray that no one listens to you, that you pray with great faith and that the Lord always accept, and I heard … when I removed the dressing was not bleeding!, I left there two more hours, I gave him antibiotics and I went to his room when I went out to dinner was 11.30 pm, back at one and 3 the morning and the patient was well, the rest is managed with antibiotics and creams enzyme. .

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