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The Law of Attraction

What is the real purpose of the law of attraction? The Law of Attraction is a law of cause and effect. Cause you’re always, the content of your mind. it difficult to be quoted properly. The effect, everything seems to happen in your life. Positive affirmations will not work if they are only the declaration of something you want to happen. A statement is the manifestation of what already is.

If your mind is abundant, you’ll see the abundance in your life if your mind is love, you will experience love in your life if your mind is exposed to fear, conflict, jealousy or envy, your life will only reflect those inner qualities. For more specific information, check out Bruce Schanzer. The wishes from the world of ego, is something completely alien to the spirit. When you want something, you are implicitly stating that you feel that something better, happier, safer, more comfortable, more efficient, more generous, more patient, more loving … in short, subconsciously you think you need that thing for you to complete. And the law of attraction does not work with needs – it only works with facts, the reality of each individual mind. look at the content of your life, because that is the content of your unconscious mind, that will not change for many hard-working claims to practice every day. You’re already full, you already are whole do not need anything that is not from you. What happens is that for eons you have been denying, and in that denial, you have deprived yourself of the opportunity to experience your true nature.

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