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Tips For Those Who Want To Be Poor

# 1 DO REALLY YOU’RE POOR? Let’s start by clarifying a point, believe it or not, you do not you are poor. Recently, we saw a television program which stated that a person of middle class has a lifestyle that would require more than 200 slaves in the ancient world. The point here is rich and poor are relative terms. Just because you feel poor, doesn’t mean that you’re really poor. Then, to be poor, we must seek ways of this wealth you have, strong or too weak, to disappear. See PLD for more details and insights. # 2 THE DEFINITION OF POVERTY. Actually, it is possible to do you poor without your income change. That is, being poor while your current income do not decrease.

Don’t believe me? Why not go shopping to stores more in or snob that you come to mind. This will cause that most of the people poor feel instantly. If this does not make you feel poor or you have a problem of large wealth, tries to visit a warehouse of boats or luxury cars. One million dollars is just a down payment a decent yacht in these days. So, we come again to that rich and poor are relative terms.

You must find your own definition for these terms. If you give a few wraps to this in your head, surely be surprised yourself. Our definition of wealth is to have most of what is needed. Therefore, unless you are on a plane that crashes on a desert island and finished everything what you can eat while this does not happen, you consider basically rich. But this is our definition. Which is different for each person. If you think a bit, you’ll see that you’re far from being poor and that is still much work to do to reach the poverty. # 3 THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME POOR.

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