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Tour de France Broadcast

Moreover, a growing number of listeners of the station swore that was the best broadcast of the Tour de France they had ever heard. The announcer-producer-con was so lively that its intervention, getting that communication skills and made a few cuts so perfect on the background sound of the French broadcasters that no one could believe that all this was done from an attic in the street Ibiza . Given the success, he noted that the broadcasts were better not going nowhere that really make them live from the place of the facts. – Do you know of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of the novels of Tarzan of the Apes? Asked Don Antonio, interrupting the story of that time noted his nurse. "Well, no," said he. "All the Tarzan novels are located in Africa, where he never set foot author. Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City is likely to agree.

"I really did not know. "The best thing is that," said the old man. When Burroughs became famous and his novels have been translated into many languages already, a journalist asked if he did not want to go to Africa and see how it really was and how it looked or not the scenes of his novels … The old man paused for a moment, waiting to see the effect of his words. His partner ended up asking him, with curiosity: – What say? "Do not. His argument was simple: "I do not want to go because if the landscape of Africa is not like I'll be knackered described." Before attaining his clerk to recover from the surprise, the editor continued story: "I must hurry, lest I die here my story leaving half-and laughed with a sinister sense of humor.

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