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Unconscious Personal

But: what happens with those defects which are relatively aware, but that;? do as much as we try to avoid them, often again manifested in our conduct with a force so that our most sincere desire is insufficient to resist?. If work of desvastar the gross stone consists of debugging our personality of its undesirable defects and there are defects that persist even against our conscious effort to eliminate them, then we have no more to go to divinity to help us in our endeavour, divinity that inhabits just to the inside of our Church and to reach him, we must just as in our initiation first pass through the room of reflections or by that inner crisis where begins the birth or manifestation of logos i.e.; that inner reality that animates us. The process we are currently studying, takes place in the conscious of the human being, but as everyone knows, the human psyche includes not only the conscious, but that too; can be identified in her other layers of activity that has been termed them respectively; Unconscious Personal, unconscious collective and above conscious. All of which are no more than subdivisions of the subconscious. In our humble opinion your own rough stone ourselves will have to assign the true sense of the work of desvastar in base, exclusively, to our personal achievements. But to give us a first push in this task we have to bear in mind that; The first requirement for the work of introspective meditation, lies in the absolute relaxation of tensions physical and psychic of our being, then make the most absolute silence in our inner Temple and once the most absolute darkness seizes our minds, we will open the sacred book of our conscience to read an old chapter in our history, live the facts as if they were real, we vibraremos, we cry, as if we had a Crown of thorns and assumed once in the most intimate of our hearts that terrible defeat that us has been marked for so long, we will rise victorious, happy and satisfied to have beaten ourselves. Finally, and in conclusion everything thing up here that I can only add that; the purpose of the work of the initiate is to make him a man more big, strong, beautiful and happy, able to meet the tough demands of the initiatic path and; wise to the point, to serve his people, be useful to humanity and especially to the purposes of the divinity which the hidden science turns out to be custody and secured. Original author and source of the article.

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