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Summer is already coming to an end, but there are many people who have waited until now to spend your holidays, those days of rest that both are expected throughout the year. Most tourists prefer the months of July and August to spend these days and be hours and hours in the Sun at beaches full of people where there is no or a PIN, etc. But there are who are expected in September to spend a few days relaxing because on these dates, but do less heat, can be a few days of tranquility, that in the other months you may not enjoy. In addition, at night makes a perfect temperature to be able to walk in the light of the moon. And, if you’re tired of being all weekends in the Sun and you fancy a change in your vacation because not visit Requena and spend a few days in one of their cottages in Valencia? Requena is a municipality located in the interior of the coast of Valencia where you can spend a few days of relax and disconnect from the routine at one of their houses in Valencia. It is a village with charm, stroll through its streets transports you to the era most medieval of the municipality. He has museums and churches to visit with one of the most enviable heritage of the municipalities in around.

In addition, if you like nature, don’t hesitate, the cottages in Valencia is the best option for your holidays, since in Requena is the Parque Natural of the Hoces del Cabriel, in which you can perform many activities such as hiking while enjoying the beauty of the Valley of the River Cabriel which boasts the best-preserved of the Valencian Community riparian forest. But, without any doubt, the most characteristic of the municipality and that you can not miss if you choose for your holiday one of the rural houses in Valencia, is your typical cuisine of sausages, wines and cavas. Wine tourism routes include visits to wineries in the appellation of origin Paarl and account with their wine tasting led by oenologists expert. It is n of tours of scenic and monumental environments accompanied with the enjoyment of the most typical and select, cuisine all this coupled with a car of you puts them rentals in Valencia, is the perfect combination for a few days of vacation that you will never forget.

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