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Get rid of unwanted items that can be made by having a garage sale in motion much ahead of time and then the donation of leftovers to the Salvation Army and other charitable groups. Get all documents and important papers together and secure them. Since that moved it is hectic, to say the least, we have to be aware of the exact location of all of our important items. Things you definitely should not lose or misplace certainly should be in hand, did not put in a box for motors: Book of addresses, certificates of birth, bank statements, cheques, credit cards and States, home movies, Irreplaceable memorabilia, insurance, registration of marriages, medical and dental records, military records, passports, photos and albums of photos, CVs, certificates, school records of actions, tax returns, phone numbers, valuables, documents of vehicles, wills. Preparing in advance to live in your new location. There are many things we can do in our new location in advance of our movement that goes to help smooth out the bumps and grinds of our relocation process, when the real event occurs: open new bank accounts.

Opens a new Vault. Contact with companies in the area of new public services and make arrangements for its new services. These may include TV by cable, gas, electricity, oil, telephone, water and Internet access. Make arrangements for new providers of medical services. If you are moving to a new State, please contact with the DMV and get the forms necessary to re-register their vehicles. Get in touch with insurance companies and find out if your car, insurance of housing insurance, etc can be transferred.

If it isn’t, find a broker in your new area and discuss your needs and requirements of the new policies. Go to the post office and receives a kit of movement. Prepare the change of domicile for all its correspondents, companies of other credit accounts, credit cards, banks, insurance companies, current utilities statements end, magazines and subscriptions other family members, friends and other persons or companies that correspond with on a basis regular. When approaching the time, get a good new notebook. As it nears the day moving, and when the process in motion really begins, I don’t want to be hunting for phone numbers in the purses, handbags, or address books. You have a good Notepad new list with all important phone numbers written in a clear and readable, both for old and new contacts: banks, doctors, emergency contacts, family, friends, owners or real estate, Movers, schools pharmacies, storage facilities, utilities. With proper planning and preparation of the process of moving, though it’s never fun, unless it can be healthy. With good planning and preparation of public services at your current address can be disconnected the day after move and public services at your new address the day before your arrival can be connected. With proper planning and preparation not be him frantically in search of a new doctor or pharmacy, if it is the unfortunate need arises. With good planning and preparation that will take all your important documents in the fingertips at all times. With proper planning and preparation of your mail will start to arrive the day after you move to your new home and your life will last a minimum of chaos and disorder. Good luck with your move and good luck in your new house or apartment.

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