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CESAR VIDAL (THE LIGHT. COPE) 'The Basque language is so primitive it known, for example, which would be universal, ie, the idea of' tree ', that is an idea that exists in advanced languages (unlike the Basque) in the Basque language does not exist. The Basque language as the language is very primitive Beech, 'loj pine', 'loj poplars' but have 'tree'. To speak of the tree had to take a loan from Castilian, which is the 'tree'. And in that sense, of course, is a language in which even the development of the human mind does not realize that there are universal, still lives on the basis of individuals. "…" We do not say no study the Basque language, we think that the Basque have to study other minority languages such as 'Cherokee', Apache or Georgian.

That is, we seem to be languages that have to be chairs of the study, which is very interesting philological studies that are done in this regard and not to mention that there is a dictionary that will allow that language is understood by people speaking languages with a special communication power and is Spanish. "…" That above is not the Basque, is a monster based on the 'batua' that is spoken in the Basque. People who are Basques who are 'euskaroparlantes' decades are horrified with what is spoken in the Basque because it's not even the Basque, a language is absolutely laboratory, also based in the Basque dialect of Biscay, the batua (sic).

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