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Virtual Walking Competition

Together with tappa.de and the German health insurance fund, the Wolfsburg health portal GesundheitsWelt presents directly the virtual walking competition ‘ Deutsche BKK limitless ‘. Wolfsburg, November 3, 2009 health begins with movement. Just how should you move, if we sit more than eight hours at the desk and find ourselves again after work in the cozy chair? The path to the printer or the coffee machine may be long for some only he not enough by far to be fit or fitter. An estimated 5000 steps is the modern man in the course of the day, about 10,000 should be but, to meet the optimum workload movement. The half life is movement “-this wisdom in the present-day mobilized society often forgotten or if it is rather implemented by car.” The initiators of the virtual walking contest want to change that. The challenge is clear: it is important to create 453 miles in 60 days.

And on the occasion of the 20 years fall of the wall in Germany we go on a historical level: finds along the barrel the inner German border instead of Mudlareuth in Bavaria about Marienborn to Berlin. Via pedometer, all participating teams can measure every day on the new, if they made their day goal of 10,000 steps. The results will be registered on the tappa-own access to the Internet. Who is front, can look forward, who is back, will motivate themselves, to do more. Thus not only good for health is strengthened done, but at the same time also team spirit and competitiveness.

On December 12, 2009, the virtual starting point in Modlareuth is carried out. The 09.02.2009 ends the race in Berlin. The participants form teams with 2 8 people. The participation fee will cost members 29.95 for German BKK-, all others pay instead of 39.95 only 35. Every 100th participant can run free. For very fast runners, prizes worth 20-500. the GesundheitsWelt GmbH is a young online companies from Wolfsburg. It was founded in 2007 by former employees of the German health insurance fund. The team around the “Managing Director Thomas Schlichter, has made it his mission, his customers an overview about products and services from the second health care market” to gain. The GesundheitsWelt directly sees itself as a groundbreaking health portal. Product recommendations should give assistance to the customer. The cooperation partner will be chosen by the GesundheitsWelt directly and have an optimal price/performance ratio.

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