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Wall Coverings

Wall coverings of cork available in sheets, rolls, and wallpapers. Cork wallpaper on your weight and strength characteristics closer to a heavy wallpaper: their density – 216 g/m2, and a thin veneer of cork gives it sufficient strength and resistance to external influences. In addition to decorative cork wallpaper have other advantages. First of all, they are environmentally friendly material, not electrified and not attract dust, which is very important for living quarters. Because this type of cover is made from natural ingredients, derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, they require no special care for themselves. This finishing material does not require any special preparation of walls and well kept on any basis.

Due to the unique structure of the veneer is not subject to aging, does not require special care and will not absorb odors. Cork wall plates come in single and double layer. Core layer two-layer sheets are sometimes painted, and on his carpet napressovyvayut discontinuous veneer of cork. The result is a colored blotches on a background texture cork. Floor coverings of cork cork floors have a number of advantages that make them one of the most interesting options of flooring for your home or office. Primarily, this is a unique strength and elasticity that distinguish them from other natural and synthetic surfaces. Cork core under any load performs the function of shock, restoring its original shape. Among other things, the tube attached to sex and another extraordinary property. Elastic effect cork cells takes steps virtually noiseless.

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