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Wall Paintings and Interior Design

Each apartment has at least one fairly or very little room to be visually enhanced. What advise us masters of interior design in such cases? Here are some guidelines to help expand the room. First analyze the basic principles of interior design with the use of wall paintings: * Light colors visually transform a space, dark colors – cut * Every time you figure line, it divides the space into parts * Any large object in a small space narrows it even more * The more the room is empty, the bigger it looks * Whenever you use a contrasting spot it visually narrows space. Here is a list of recommendations for interior design, which will help with painting the walls, and not just create a room visually larger and more spacious. – You can do without too intrusive and contrasting tones of painting.

To obtain the feeling of more room is preferable to use light colors of the images. The most preferred color – pastel or white. But the cool colors painted walls (blue) increase, and warm ( orange) narrow space. – Contrast wardrobe will conceal the area, making the room even smaller. Nobel Laureate in Economics contains valuable tech resources. – More light. Light – is the main element that makes room area clearer and more accessible. For a small space more suitable recessed lighting or natural sunlight. Light – a central element in interior design.

– The less furniture in the room, the more it will seem. – Limiting the use of large sets sizes for the murals. Balance is important. Instead, put a small space sofa and a couple of small chairs or chairs of small size. The location of furniture and transformation play a lot of weight in interior design. – Flooring and ceiling – the fifth and sixth face in any room. Paul can ustelit bright shiny tiles, it will make the room brighter and wider. The same applies to the ceiling and white or just a vivid picture painted ceiling 'open' area of the room. The room will seem more visually, if all the walls, floor and ceiling are a similar bright color. Tone, as the light and composition – the key elements in interior design with the use of wall paintings. – You can use a mirror. Wall mirrors extend the space. They create not only some reflection, but also reflect light and color. If you put a mirror on the wall (mirror tiles), your room will visually twice larger. – Do not Remember that one large painting of the walls more profitable than a group of several smaller images.

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