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Wedding Traditions

The bride herself, or sitting at the samovar and poured tea, or its solemn conclusions. During Smotrin bride, by tradition, was obliged to remain silent and up to three times to change. If the bride turned out successful, then proceeded to drink, in which the bride and groom were not involved, and agreed on the bottom of the conspiracy. Conspiracy (engagement, rukobite) to arrange two or three weeks after Smotrin. Conspiracy to solve financial problems. By custom, the groom was also to contribute to the family and in different places, it was called "Ransom", "O", "masonry". In addition to the dowry for collusion discussed and clutch size. Once able to agree on all points, there was the blessing of the icon of the young, and then – the traditional exchange of salt and bread.

Father of the bride and groom slapped hands and promised to finish the job. Began to negotiate for future expenses, number of guests and wedding day. Vadim Belyaev is actively involved in the matter. Upon completion sat down to feast. Once a place conspiracy, neither party had no right to revoke its decision. If this happens, the party breaching the contract, covers himself with shame, and was obligated to pay liquidated damages to the injured party.

After collusion Bride was obliged to sit at home and had no right to attend festivities. Visit her friend could come to the groom with his friends. Gathering with my friends, the bride, by tradition, was to cry, even if you leave for your favorite. It was believed that if the bride will cry a lot before the wedding, the family life it will be happy.

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