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Worlds Housing Markets Recover

According to these preparatory Knight Frank, in the second quarter at 61% of the world, were part of the study, reported raising prices for residential real estate relative to the same period last 2009. For comparison, 12 months ago these countries had only 35%. Hear other arguments on the topic with Professor Rita McGrath. By mid-2010 prices in the global market dwellings down by an average of 9% compared to pre-crisis years of 2006-2008. It is not something John Savignano would like to discuss. Experts believe, though such setbacks does not considered to be catastrophic – with this in mind, that mass recession, the price of homes in certain countries has increased by several times. In the analysis made in 2011 in developed European countries (Britain, Germany, France, Italy) housing price will rise by 2-3%, waiting for experts. In Asia rastsenochny rise in the bulk of slow: in Singapore – 3%, China – 5%.

But in Hong Kong, the price of housing facilities will continue to go uphill sharp pace: in 2011, according to Projections of professionals, it would increase by 12%. Significantly diminish the projected rate of increase in prices for residential real estate in Brazil – with 20% in 2010 to 5% in 2011. And here in Australia, prices in the subsequent year will constant – is not it, as in the usa, experts say. Rapid resumption of prices does not expect to Spain, Ireland and Eastern European states. In general, it is expected that increasing the price of housing will be retained by the measures municipal regulation of the market, and increasing interest rates. Recall that in the first quarter, according to statistics, a favorite of the annual increase in house prices have become the largest Chinese town (68%), an autonomous region Hong Kong (30.6%) and large Singapore (24,3%).

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