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Registration Ownership

In accordance with Russian legislation, any transaction related to real estate, or her registration in the property, subject to mandatory state registration. The essence of registration of ownership real estate is to record the relevant law in the State Register. What is it? First of all, the state registration law protects the interests of right […]

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What Requirements Apply To The Borrower ?

On crediting to the borrower (Co-Borrower), the following requirements: For the borrower's loan amount depends on the level of income. The calculation can be adopted income spouse (wife), family member or another person face, which in this case will serve as co-borrower of solidarity. Your husband (wife) serves as a co-borrower on the principal of […]

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Mortgage Transactions

Raise the same price, if it feels the increased demand is never too late. MYTH 2. After making repairs, you can sell the apartment is more expensive. When it was true. But those days are long gone. Today, experts say, do a good repair before the sale of apartment – a waste of money and […]

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