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Home Fireplace

Fireplace – a symbol of comfort and well-being. Those who have suburban housing, certainly there is a fireplace. After all, a country house without a fireplace and can not call home. And what about those who live in a city apartment, but also wants to warmth, comfort and comfort in its not suburban, but the […]

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Pool Construction

Armature tied haywire BP-1 with a diameter of 2-3 mm. During the construction of pools used by fitting a periodic profile. Throat of the valve, move the cell are determined at the design stage basin. Apply for vertical and horizontal reinforcing rods 10 mm in diameter. Step horizontal reinforcement is 200 mm, vertical – 200 […]

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German Commercial Real Estate Market

‘An important contribution equal could perish in the new year, because many are still in the holiday’, says Thomas Filor, real estate expert from Magdeburg. Magdeburg, 07.01.2014. Faraman thus playing on the contribution from the trade journal more courage to take risks”of the renowned journalists Reiner Reichel’s. “Reichel warns: to invest only in prime locations […]

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Spain Marketing

What peculiarities have marketing that applies in a sector such as the stationery? In our sector, the price, as well as in other sectors, is very important, but the service, proximity to the final customer and the willingness of our partners to meet the needs of its clients, are the main trick to differentiate us […]

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