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Apartments – Rental And Sale, A Reliable Source Of Income

For different approaches to assess the quantity purchased housing spread of digital indicators, which leads analysts in their reports too large. Boris Kuzinez wanted to know more. Representatives of the realtor conservative companies, based on experience communicate with their customers, believe that the apartments, who buy for resale, not more than 10%. Like-minded way of "dark windows" say the free housing more – 40% – 50%. Oleg led most correct number is 30%. According to Gennady Sternik (chief analyst of the Russian Guild of Realtors), today this figure can be regarded as critical. "The exclusion of simultaneous market entry as large volumes living space collapse in prices is inevitable ", – noticed Professor Sternik. This dramatic scenario could be realized in autumn 2008, when came the global financial crisis. "The situation has not changed in favor of investors Apartments: construction has slowed, prices are pushed down and the real estate market went into a lethargic sleep, even a percentage of rent an apartment below, "- noticed by experts. If at the time, how to sell an apartment, even with 25% – 30% discount percentage, and invest in securities or financial device, homeowners could derail a good sum. The rts index in 2009 has grown (from 500 to 1400 points), while oil prices have doubled (from $ 40 to $ 80 per barrel). This method, when a third of the amount of loss from the sale of investment property assets, which remained in one year can be multiplied twice or even thrice. "Calculations show that with the increased capital could be again to do real estate, bought with the money square feet on a lot more than it was, "- said Oleg .

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