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Are the assumptions regarding rebuttable presumptions that if they admit evidence to the contrary. They are assumptions that if they can be contradicted and can be refuted by proof to the contrary proving the falsity or inaccuracy of these assumptions, ie these assumptions if they admit evidence to the contrary. The assumptions regarding whether they can be refuted with evidence proving the contrary falsity or inaccuracy of such assumptions. The presumptions are irrebuttable presumption juris et de jure that do not support evidence to the contrary. They are assumptions that can not be contradicted and can not be refuted, ie, do not accept evidence to the contrary. The absolute presumptions can not be altered. A absolute presumptions some scholars deny their existence and do not call their assumptions but called fiction. Also should be studied legal institutions such as property, guarantees, ownership, marriage, custody, adoption, credit, legal persons, among others.

In the second technique we study the methods of interpretation of the rules belonging to other track entitled extensive interpretation, which is divided into three branches that are the legal act of the contract and legal standards. The main methods interpretation of the law are: exegetical method, method of free inquiry, scientific, historical, economic analysis of law, analytical, synthesis, induction, deduction, comparison, among others. Some of these are general methods of interpretation and others are legal methods. It is important for our purposes to state that some authors fit their literature to the interests of those in power, with which we disagree and in addition s reject this position.

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