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Beatriz Corredor

The national real estate market is going through very bad times. We know everyone so it is not worth to emphasize this, but not why (on the contrary) should not seek solutions. And these are: If the nationals don’t buy flats sub-Windows abroad, just as (for example) Germans who come to spend the summer at Valencia that are interested in buying any floor. Why not try to give a push to the Valencia real estate? It is for this reason that the Secretary of State for housing, Beatriz Corredor, is Hamburg leading a delegation, in which are represented important entities you financiarias and developers nationwide, to present about 4,000 homes (mostly holiday) in the second phase of the road show by several European countries which began last May. The majority of homes that will be displayed in Hamburg come from the Canary and Balearic archipelagos, and Valencia, Catalonia, Andalusia and Murcia.

Also, though to a lesser extent, of Galicia and Cantabria. On the other hand, has been reserved for first housing part in large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. In Spain the price of houses it continues to decline, recent data provided by the INE show an interannual decrease of 6.8%, and taking into account its potential as a tourist destination can be an opportunity for foreigners who usually come to Spain to spend the summer decide to buy a House on property. Furthermore, if we take into account that almost nine million German tourists visited our country in 2010 and that the purchase of housing by German citizens, has increased more than 13% compared to 2009, it seems obvious that promote the teutonian market is a good idea to try to boost the domestic real estate market. In line with this, and focus in Valencia, found a report submitted by the portal Pisos.com which ensures that the price of housing in August dropped 7.69% compared to the same month of the previous year, ranking per square meter in 1749 euros (1% than in the month in July of this year).

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