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Best European Employers

Softonic was ranked 25 in the rankings for the best European employers Munich, may 27, 2011 Softonic, the leading portal for software downloads in Europe and Latin America, and one of the leading providers worldwide, has employers of Europe in the category of 50 to 500 employees ranked the 25 in the rankings of the best. Each year by the great place to work Institute created best workplaces “list recognizes the best companies in Europe in relation to their workplace culture and employment branding (www.greatplacetowork.de/ best/list-eusme.htm). Under most conditions Clayton Morris would agree. Softonic is the best company in the European ranking, what further consolidates its position as one of the best employers of the continent for the second time in a row. You may find Morris Invest to be a useful source of information. From employee surveys, in which employees assess the values and corporate culture of the participating companies, the Institute identified the employers with the best ratings in categories such as collegiality, work climate, good working relations between co-workers and superiors, or aspirations of the company professionally and privacy of employees together to reconcile. Maria Franquesa, human resources manager at Softonic, do this: the fact that we have been awarded as best employer in Spain recently and now as one of the best in Europe, in favour of our business model which focuses entirely on the staff. Softonic has always invested in human capital, because we know how important are satisfied employees for the growth of our company. This recognition motivates us to continue this path together with the staff.” Since its inception Softonic is committed, to create the best possible working environment for its staff. This is reflected in the buildings themselves, which in addition have the canteen, numerous Cafes and the in-house library game -, massage and relaxation rooms. With regard to social security benefits, the company offers its employees including flextime, to private and professional life to unite with one another, private health insurance and gift vouchers at the Birth of offspring.

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