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Also, the tax burden varies in many cases in the transition from work into retirement life. Consumer-friendly rulings still Holl Enders advises to put only on insurance for old-age provision: the products are too inflexible. “Who announces early repaid usually only little. However: Already in 2005 the Constitutional Court has made a judgment, which according to when premature termination in the first few years after the conclusion of the contract a total loss be excluded. Thorsten Rudnik: half of ungezillmerten policyholder entitled to the policyholder.

“Cover capital is the sum of the savings portion of premiums plus interest. Ungezillmert”means that the posts of the first years may not completely are charged with the acquisition costs which would then lead to a total loss in a very early termination. Instead the insured entitlement to the repayment of something has less than half its paid posts. This ruling is retroactive for contracts which have been concluded between 1994 and 2001. Rudnik hopes about the insurance law reform for the future: 2007 new rules to strengthen the rights of customers. The future holds more opportunities that could be possibly even when the returns of insurance companies.

“Says Thorsten Rudnik namely: guarantee interest rates are currently at 2.75 percent, and 2007 they will fall to 2.25 per cent.” But Martin Zsohar, head of product development in the once tomorrow, and tomorrow, argued: three years uphill with the stock exchange again. Because the insurance companies invest the contributions of the insured at least partly on the stock exchange, she should run again in higher surpluses which benefit the customer. “That is to say: the yield is now taking into account the tax benefit, at about 7.5 percent, a yield of up to nine percent could rise in the participation by only one percentage point for” the investor to come out “, explains the asset manager Stephan Hansen Bagheri. It has about two pages, also the insurance. Prior to the conclusion of a police note) 1. Berag lay down how much money you can spare every month? Are you sure that you do not need the money in the coming years? (2) an employer ask your employer pays contributions to the company pension plan? As a result, some products are more lucrative. Ask if you are not sure. (3) details of health who completes a capital life insurance with death or occupational disability protection, must correctly answer the health questions. Get help from an expert. (4) companies looking for study the ratings and rankings of insurance companies. Who is solidly positioned? Who pays you a high return? Source: Exchange online

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